Week 1

First week of fashion school ✓.

One week in and I’m already so excited to have chosen this path way. After hearing all my professors speak about what we’re going to learn and about their careers in the fashion industry I’m just so pumped!!

Just wanted to pop on here to say, schools great, sounds like its going to be a lot of work, but fun and interesting work which makes it better. I will definitely keep you all updated on school and placements. (fashion show internships? sounds cool to me!)

I also wanted to share this Autumnal outfit I wore this last weekend to my grandparents 50th anniversary get together with you all!

I walked into Zara last Thursday and instantaneously knew I NEEDED these pants! I’ve been so into culottes and stripes lately. And anyone who knows me, knows just how much I love Fall & these pants are all of that in one. It’s like they were made for me!

I find that being short, pairing culottes with a pair of heels really elongate the leg and make you look taller. Kind of the opposite of what you’d think a pair of three-quarter length pants would do. Also I was telling my mom as she ironed this top for me, it has been floating around my closet for years and I go months without wearing it to the point where I often contemplate giving it away, but it ALWAYS comes in handy for outfits like this!

PS. These shoes were a steal from Winners $50! (they chewed my feet apart the second time I wore them, but that’s beside the fact)

PPS. I’m working on a Fall Essentials post, so look out for that sometimes this week!

Link to the amazing culottes: http://www.zara.com/ca/en/woman/trousers/culottes/flowing-cropped-trousers-c733899p3643610.html




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