Winter Weather is Fast Approaching

Brr!! With a storm on the way, I figured I’d take the time to make a post on relaxed winter fashion. I hate the winter, but being that I live in Toronto, Canada, I have no choice but to deal with it for 3+ months a year.Which means I have a fairly large winter wardrobe. Investing in a good winter jacket and some nice winter boots are the key to keeping warm during the winter months, but they can get kind of boring. So pairing your outfits with some cute accessories can really help liven it up.

On this day I kept it simple, I wore a white t-shirt, with some black leggings (my go to during the fall and winter on causal days) and then paired it with my short chestnut UGGS and some Roots cabin socks, along with a black pompom touque and my winter jacket. For extra warmth you could also add a scarf and some mittens.

Happy styling and keep warm!!


Jacket –’s-Victoria-Parka

T-Shirt –

Leggings –

Socks (similar) –


Touque –

(suggested) Scarf –

(suggested) Mittens –



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