Casual Holiday Party Outfits

‘Tis the season for holiday parties of all shapes and sizes. Family, friends..whatever the case may be, deciding on what to wear to these events is always stressful. Being that it takes time and money…along the busyness of December. Fortunately, I have some tips for you. When it comes to putting together an outfit, whether it be for a Christmas party, or even Christmas eve/day dinner..don’t think you have to buy an all new outfit. Pull pieces from your closet that you already own, or buy one piece and pair other things from your wardrobe with it.

When it comes to putting together outfits for myself, I like to keep them simple. So I paired a burgundy crop top which is the only new item of this ensemble, with a pair of high-waisted black jeans. I paired that with my navy blue peacoat and a pair of black booties, along with my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30.

Top (similar) ––1001

Jeans –

Jacket – no longer available

Booties (similar) –

Bag –



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